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08:26 pm: Me vs. The World
Ik had vandaag voor de tweede keer mijn rijexamen en ben weer gezakt!

i’m trying to be nice, i’m trying to be reasonable.
but it’s oh so hard when i don’t wanna be
you’re looking for that nice girl from the day before
don’t bother she don’t live here anymore.
cause it’s be against the world (just stay out of my way)
in case you haven’t noticed and in case you haven’t heard
it’s just me against the world and the world is winning

should have let me stay in bed
i got this pounding in my head
nothing’s okay now would you stay out of my face?
today i’m slamming doors i’m slamming phones down
watch out for this temper tantrum
stay out of my way cause if you don’t you will be scared away

Precies zoals ik me voel. Het nummer kun je hier downloaden:

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Current Music: Me vs. The world - Lindsay Lohan
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